Friday, April 18, 2014

A Real Dividend Growth Machine: Q1 2014 Review

A new article of mine has been published on the investing website Seeking Alpha. The article is entitled A Real Dividend Growth Machine: Q1 2014 Review and it provides a review of my dividend growth investing progress in the first quarter of 2014.

I hope this quarterly review provides my blog readers with a decent update of my investing over the past few months. My job continues to absorb much of my time, but I am making good progress at work in terms of both research and teaching, so I think it is time well spent. Unfortunately, little time is left over for other activities, such as investing. As indicated by my review, I continue to build and maintain my portfolio, and I also keep up with company news, earnings reports, and dividend increases. However, I have had to cut back almost entirely on blogging and commenting activity, though I do continue to visit other investors' blogs periodically to stay updated on their progress.

I hope everyone is off to a good start with their investing in 2014!


  1. DGM,
    I was happy to see your update on SA the other day. Nice to see you out of hiatus for an update. Great detail on your activities as always.

    1. RBD: Thanks for stopping by -- I'm glad you liked the update. Once the summer starts, I might get a chance to return to occasional blogging.

  2. DGM,

    Good to hear that things are going well. After regularly visiting your site, I was bummed w/ the hiatus, but I completely understand. Glad you're doing well and work too; it CAN be very consuming at times, but hopefully it's temporary. Haven't read your article yet, headed to SA right now. Take care!

    - A. Nonymous

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