Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dividend Increase: GD

One of my dividend-growth stocks, General Dynamics (GD), increased its quarterly dividend by 8.5% today, raising the payment from $0.47 to $0.51 per share. This puts the company on track for its 21st consecutive year of dividend growth. Given that I own 20 shares of GD, my quarterly dividend increases from $9.40 to $10.20, which will add an extra $3.20 to my annual dividend income. This dividend increase also boosts my yield on cost to 2.93%.


  1. Solid increase. If I ever add another defense contractor to my portfolio GD would probably be the one. I use GD equipment at work and have dealt with many of their employees. It's a quality company from what I've seen and also a great dividend growth stock.

    1. Hi Compounding Income,

      I agree. I passed up a great opportunity to buy it last fall, but I managed to get a position started in January. I would consider adding to my position on a significant dip.