Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dividend Increase: VOD

Vodafone Group (VOD), which pays semi-annual dividends, announced its final dividend payment for 2012, which will be 6.47 pence per share. When this payment is added to the interim dividend payment of 3.05 pence per share from earlier this year, the regular dividends for 2012 (excluding the special dividend from Verizon Wireless) will total 9.52 pence per share, which is a 7.0% increase over the 8.90 pence per share paid in 2011. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, I will not know the exact amount of my dividend (which will be my first payment from VOD) until it is paid on August 1.


  1. That's a fantastic increase for a stock yielding over 5%! It beats T and VZ hands down.

    1. Hi Compounding Income,

      I agree, it's a nice increase for a high yielding stock. Another special dividend from Verizon Wireless would be icing on the cake!



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