Saturday, August 25, 2012

Name Change

I have decided to change the name of this blog and my username to "Dividend Growth Machine." The primary reason is that it was awkward to write under two different pseudonyms, one for my blog and one for my articles at Seeking Alpha. By using the same name in both places, my online presence in the investing world will be more consistent. A secondary reason is that I think the new name more accurately reflects my investing strategy, which is to build a long-term compounding machine that will produce a sustainable and growing stream of dividend income.

Accompanying the name change was a revision to the URL for this blog, which is now This had the unfortunate effect of making previous links invalid, so if you have an existing link to my blog (e.g., on a blogroll), it will need to be updated. Sorry about the inconvenience! I went through all my previous posts and updated internal links, but if you spot a broken link, please let me know by commenting on the relevant post. Thanks!

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