Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Surpassed Last Year's Dividend Total

A quick note: Thanks to some dividends I received today, my year-to-date dividend total ($1,674.93) has now surpassed last year's total ($1,649.63). I still have a few more dividends to collect in September, plus an entire quarter's worth of dividends to finish the year. It looks like I might be able to reach a dividend total of $2,400 in 2013, which works out to an average of $200 per month.


  1. Now that's progress! Already surpassing last years total by September is great. If you don't mind I'm curious how much are you investing per month to have those types of gains ?

    Keep up the great work,

    1. Captain: Thanks! I'm actually going to talk about contributions in a forthcoming post, but here are all my contribution dates and amounts thus far in 2013:

      1/8/13 1500
      2/1/13 5000
      7/18/13 700
      8/8/13 1400
      8/13/13 1650
      9/3/13 1215

      Total: $11465

      The gap from March through June reflects my decision to put aside savings for my summertime move. With that over, I'm now resuming the contribution of new capital on a regular basis.

  2. Wow, great job. I just started with dividend investing. Cant wait to avg $200 a month. keep up the grate work. love your blog.