Friday, January 6, 2012


Welcome to my dividend-growth investing blog. The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences and thoughts as I work toward my goal of creating a sustainable, rising stream of dividend income that will eventually exceed the income from my job and allow me to be financially secure in retirement. The blog is currently organized into the following pages:
  • Home: The place for posts about investing ideas, portfolio changes (stocks bought and sold), monthly reviews (of dividends and savings), and anything else that seems relevant.
  • Strategy: A general overview of my dividend-growth investing strategy.
  • Portfolio: My dividend-growth portfolio (updated monthly).
  • Dividends: A summary of dividends received (updated monthly).
  • Savings: A summary of savings from my job income (updated monthly).
  • Book Reviews: Short reviews of books I have read about the stock market and investing.
Other pages will likely be added as the blog is developed further. I look forward to working on this blog and I hope others find it useful and informative. I encourage comments from readers and I will try to respond to them in a timely manner. By writing down my ideas and thoughts, keeping track of my portfolio, dividends, and savings in a public manner, and interacting with others, I hope this blog will help me and other like-minded individuals become better investors.


  1. Great to see your blog up and running!

    I look forward to seeing your portfolio grow. Anything on your buy list for January?

    Best wishes for your investments and your new blog.

  2. Hi DM,

    Thanks for visiting and posting the first comment!

    Right now the top stocks on my buy list are EMR, GD, and HRS. Although I am not much of a market-timer, the market has had a good rally since mid-December, so I am hoping there will be a bit of a pullback soon.

    Of course, when I do buy my next stock, I'll be able to blog about it. :)

  3. deedubs,

    Great list. I'm long all three and am strongly considering adding to EMR or HRS. If GD comes back down to the low $60's I'd add. I'm also considering UNS, after one of my readers pointed it out...and HAS after another reader pointed the recent weakness out. BDX is another that's been on my list, and I do want to own V at some point.

    Looking forward to seeing your blogging!

  4. Hi DM,

    Some thoughts on the other stocks you mentioned:

    UNS: I've looked at it a few times but I've decided that I will hold off from investing in any utilities for the time being.

    HAS: I've analyzed it in some depth but I'm rather conflicted about it. I may write a post with my thoughts soon.

    BDX: I would consider adding to my position were it not for the fact that I'm rather overweight in healthcare.

    V: I also want to own it, as well as ROST. The problem is that both of them rarely have big pullbacks, so I might just have to accept that and buy them on minor dips.